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About Us

About Green Mountain Dojo


Green Mountain Dojo’s Kyokushin Karate program began in the Boston area in the early 1980’s. GMD has since continued to bring students and families together in a healthy, educational and safe environment for more than 35 years. GMD relocated in 2004 to the beautiful green mountains of central Vermont.  


The Green Mountain Dojo is a traditional school that strives to maintain the Kyokushin system and principles as taught by the late Grandmaster Masutatsu Oyama. A standardized international rank syllabus helps to regulate a well-rounded curriculum and also helps students to direct their efforts and goals.


Our commitment is to teach students more than karate technique. Our traditional approach addresses overall health; both mind and body, and has numerous benefits including a higher respect for self and others, improved self-discipline, and a much greater ability to focus. Improved focus translates to better performance in school, work and other activities. In addition, students improve their self-confidence through their physical achievements which greatly elevates self-esteem.


Consistent training helps students to develop the tools and attitude necessary to deal more effectively with personal challenges and to bring about more balance and harmony in everyday life.

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