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Budo Brain is a great learning tool for both kids and adults who train in Kyokushin Karate. This unique Activity Book & Study Guide is an enjoyable way to learn about Kyokushin Karate, training etiquette, training tips, techniques and Japanese terminology used in the dojo. 

Besides being packed with much more information than the average student handbook, this book includes puzzles and word games that help students practice, learn and retain the information presented.


In addition to an extensive terminology section which students are required to learn, there are also clear explanations of many training concepts including: kime, maai, reigi, budo, and more. 


Shodo (Japanese calligraphy) brushed by Tom Flynn Shihan is also included for many common words, along with an interpretation of the shodo characters, giving students a deeper understanding of the origins of the words and their cultural aspects.


Not just for kids! Although this book is written in easy to understand language, it is by no means just for kids. The information it contains is pertinent for all kyu rank students regardless of age.




Soft cover, 144 pages. Single copy sale price: $15.00 (was $16.95) plus shipping. Volume discounted pricing for dojo operators is available. To order, or inquire about volume pricing, please email:

Budo Brain

Kyokushin Karate Activity Book & Study Guide

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