Karate Classes

Children - Ages 4 through 11

Wednesday       5:15 PM - 6:00 PM

Saturday           9:00 AM - 9:45 AM

Adults - Ages 12 & up

Monday               6:30 PM - 8:00 PM

Wednesday         6:30 PM - 8:00 PM

Saturday         10:00 AM - 11:30 AM

Karate Class Rates

Classes are on-going throughout the year. The fees quoted below include classes for an 8-week period. Please note that classes are not taught in sessions - these 8-week periods refer to fees only. Rather than monthly charges, our fees are every 8 weeks as noted below.


New students may begin on any date - your first term is pro-rated. Thereafter, fees are due the last week of each 8-week period and cover the following 8-week term. (This does not apply to any special classes or workshops.) 

Children's Class Fees - 8 Weeks


once per week            $110

2 X per week               $140

2 siblings; 1 X             $160  

2 siblings; 2 X             $200


Adult Class Fees; 12 & Up - 8 Weeks


once per week                                  $140

Unlimited up to 3 x/week                $170

Couple or +1 family member          $200

1 x/week                                  

Couple or +1 unlimited                     $250

Family membership unlimited        $270           

1 adult, 1 child 1 x/week                  $190

1 adult, 1 child unlimited                  $230

2019 - 2020 Fee Periods

Oct 7 – Nov 30

Dec 2 – Jan 25 2020

Jan 27 – March 21

March 23 – May 16

May 18 – July 11

July 13 – Sept 5

Sept 7 – Oct 31

Nov 2 – Dec 26

Payments accepted include check, cash or via PayPal. Please use only the below address for mailing in registration or payments.

Toni Flynn/GMD

1176 Stagecoach Road

Morrisville VT 05661


Special Classes & Workshops

Please check back for new dates.


Class Descriptions

Women's Cardio Kickboxing Class

Cardio kickboxing is a fun and great calorie burning workout which will improve strength, flexibility, cardio and overall level of fitness. Proper striking and kicking techniques will be learned and used to build our workouts and to develop effective defensive skills. No experience is required. 


Little Ninja Peewee & Parent Class

This class is a fun intro to karate for the 4 - 7 years age group. Classes include basic dojo etiquette, fun physical drills and exercises, and basic karate technique. Focus is on gross motor skills, following directions, teamwork, and confidence building. A parent participating alongside their child provides that little bit of extra confidence some kids need in this age group. This is a great parent/child interactive class.

Women's 4-Week Self-Defense Course

Learn simple and practical physical self-defense and self awareness practices. Regardless of age, physical strength, or athletic ability, this course will help you improve your level of awareness and personal safety. Skills taught are simple, yet effective, and are easy to recall; no complicated movements to memorize! Appropriate for ages 12 and up. All classes are taught by a female instructor with 35 years martial arts experience.

4 Week Absolute Beginner Karate Intro for Teens & Adults

This class is a great way for adults of any age to get started in traditional karate or for those who are just curious and want to see what it's all about. Students are introduced to traditional dojo etiquette and a series of basic karate skills. Fundamentals covered include stances, beginner striking and kicking techniques, and an intro to defensive skills. Absolutely no experience or fitness level required. Classes are fun, informative, and are held in a non-competitive and safe environment. Ages 12 and up.

Kids "Block" Printing & Origami

Kids will create printing "plates" from various materials and use them with acrylic paints to make prints and decorative papers. The paper will be then be used for origami and other paper crafts. All materials are provided. 

Shodo - Japanese Calligraphy

This workshop is an introduction to the beautiful art of shodo; Japanese calligraphy. Participants will learn about the materials used, proper use of the brush, and basic brush strokes. Additional workshops offered for those who wish to continue.

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