Colorful Face Masks

Precautions Due to Covid-19 Virus


In order to provide the safest environment possible for dojo members, we will be following the protocols below. We ask that all students follow these guidelines and that parents insure that children also understand and follow them.

If weather permits, we will hold class outdoors on the grass area at the dojo and masks will not be needed. If training indoors, masks are required until further notice. Students should be prepared for either scenario.

The dojo and restroom have been thoroughly cleaned and we will continue cleaning/sanitizing on a much more frequent basis.

The number of students training indoors will be limited to 10, which will allow for safe distancing. If necessary, we will add training days/times to accommodate our needs.



  • Please arrive for class already dressed in your dogi (uniform). The changing rooms will not be open for use. If the weather is hot, students may wear uniform bottoms and belt and a t-shirt instead of uniform top. Hats will be allowed outdoors. Please bring as few items as possible into the dojo as space to store bags etc. is limited. Sparring gear is not required until further notice.


  • The restroom is available for use. However, we would like to limit usage as much as possible and encourage children to use the restroom at home before attending class. The restroom will be cleaned before and after every class and cleaners/supplies will be left out if anyone wishes to use them.

  • Please bring or wear sneakers; we are not sure what condition the field will be in if we train outdoors.


  • Please bring water, a training towel and personal hand sanitizer if possible. (Sunscreen may also be needed). Do not bring sparring gear or any additional items not needed for class.


  • Masks are optional for outdoor training.  Masks are required for indoor training.


  • We will keep training at a lower intensity and take more frequent breaks as needed (for mask wearers). We will maintain a minimum of 6 feet apart at all times. Students in the same family can be closer to each other. There will be no partner drills, contact of any kind or use of shared equipment etc.


  • Please do not attend class if you or a family member are ill, have a fever, have a cough or summer allergies causing excessive sneezing, or feeling unwell – even if symptoms are minor.

  • Parents should plan on dropping off children. If you must wait, please do so in an area outdoors that allows for social distancing or in your vehicle. Spectators indoors will not be allowed at this time. The seating area has been removed to allow for more student space.

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